Germany: Jobseeker’s visa

Since 1 August 2012, foreign graduates with a German or other recognised university degree or a foreign degree comparable to a German degree will be eligible to enter Germany to seek employment. Holders of a jobseeker’s visa may stay in Germany for up to six months to seek employment whilst in the country. To obtain … Read more

Recognition Of Qualifications

It is unlikely that your professional qualification will be familiar to every German company. That means that the company will read the name of the qualification in your application and still not know whether you are sufficiently qualified for the job. So here’s our tip: have your qualification recognised. Must I have my qualification recognised? … Read more

Germany Visa

Do I need a visa to work in Germany? And what conditions apply to me? This is the first question many people ask themselves. In a nutshell, the rules depend on which country you come from and what qualifications you have. Here, we explain the main aspects Citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and … Read more

Searching Job in Germany

Searching Job in Germany

Are you already in Germany? In that case, you have other ways of looking for a job besides over the Internet:

Newspapers: Look through the pages of German newspapers. Many of them publish job vacancies in their weekend issues. Maybe there’s something there for you.

Job-hunting on the Internet

So You have decided to look for a job in Germany. Hier
you can get information about different ways of finding the right employer for you
in Germany – starting with initial research on the Internet
right through to visits to job fairs in Germany or in your home

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day 2016! This Independence Day, let’s pledge to ourselves to fight for and protect peace, unity and harmonious co-existence of all communities.

Finance Your Studies With a Scholarship

Depending on the country you come from and which subject you would like to study in Germany, there are different options for funding. Scholarships are offered by different institutions. The DAAD scholarship database for foreign students, graduate students and scientists contains extensive information and a variety of possibilities for those who are seeking financial support … Read more

Get a Student Visa in Germany

Do you want to study in Germany? It’s not as difficult as you might think. One of the first steps is to understand the visa requirements for international students. Here are a few tips on what to do and when. The possibilities for students interested in spending some time in Germany are seemingly endless. The … Read more

Namste India In MUNICH

IndoEuropean Events & Education Presents The cultural center in the west of Munich On Friday, 12 June 2015 is an Indian evening held at the Theater Gut Nederling. Namaste India EXPERIENCE THE JOURNEY OF INDIAN CULTURE AND TRADITION Bringing Up / INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCES IN ONE SHOW START 18:00 clock, admission from 17:00 clock, Admission: … Read more