An overhaul exhaustive guide to money transfers from Germany(EU) to India. Read on and post on forums for any questions. Lets find an optimistic way to minimize the brokerages involved.

From the vast experiences of people the following are ways are ordered as best according to their usage, best exchange rate, easiness.



This is the best way of all the ways one can transfer money to India. It is not that we are biased or advertising for ICICI but because of its flexibility , promptness and after all the best exchange rate which is always the top compared to some banks like Citibank, SBI etc.


One need to register on the ICICI portal and follow the instructions.

Money can be transfered to any ICICI branch in India for free as well as to a big list of other banks in cities  electronically. Apart from this they will send a DD to any bank in India where you got an account ( can be a bank in your village or town. 2 euros of postage and  DD fee is charged for amounts transfered to other banks as DDs)

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Tax Categories in Germany

There are 6 tax so called classes with different lump sums according to the circumstances.

Category I
Those single or separated, but not falling into either category II or III.

Category II
Single and separated, with a child, entitling them to a child’s allowance

Category III
Married employee. Tax rate is based on the married couple tariff (tax is calculated from half of the taxable income and then doubled)

Taxation: Married Couple and working both

Its difficult to choose suitable Tax categories, If married couple both are working. So below are some points/hints to take consideration into.

Both have to have their own tax card and could choose between two possibilities: one could work with a tax card of category 3, then the other one has to choose category 5 or both are working with a tax card of category 4.

Category 3 is based on the married couple tariff (‘Splittingtarif’) whereby category 5 takes into account the progressive tariff and that this income is an additional one to the one of category 3.