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Getting Drivers licence is always difficult in Germany as the Theory and Practical tests are difficult to pass.

Below we provide some useful Information related to Drivers Licence.

You can mock-up online Theory Tests and get results immediately using this below links.

Online Driving Test:




Signs Chart:


Useful vocabulary for the driving Test:

rechts – right
links – left
Kreuzung – junction / intersection
Ampel – traffic light / signal
Straße – street / road
wenden – turn around
rückwärts – revers
einparken – to park
Vorfahrtsstraße – priority road
Spur/Fahrstreifen – lane
geradeaus fahren – go straight ahead
rechts abbiegen – turn right
links abbiegen – turn left
an der Kreuzung rechts – right at the junction
an der Ampel rechts – left at the traffic light
nächste Straße rechts – next street to the right
rückwärts Einparken – parallel parking
der Vorfahrtsstraße folgen – follow the priority road
Spur wechseln – change lane
in der Spur bleiben – follow the lane
Richtung Autobahn Lindau fahren – follow directions to “Autobahn Lindau”
die Autobahn an der nächsten Ausfahrt verlassen – take the next exit
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, die Prüfung ist bestanden  – Congratulations, you passed the exam.


Happy Driving!!

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