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      Just now i have passed my German driving test in Munich , here are the steps with cost & addresses in Munich & some tips :-

      Step – 1 – First Aid and Eye Test
      – Cost 6.43 + 24 EUR
      – Address Ostbanhof & 3 more places .

      Step – 2 – ADAC translation of license in German lang. ( If you already hold a license from different country)
      – Cost 55 EUR
      – Address Ridlerstrasse 35

      Step – 3 – Registration in driving school
      – Cost 200 EUR

      Step – 4 – Registration in KVR (Fuhrshein) – long queue
      – Cost 42.6 EUR
      – Address Eichstätter Straße 2, Munich

      Step – 5 – Buy Theory Online book
      – 50 EUR
      – Around 1000 questions with multiple choice answers
      – All Questions came from this book only.Not even a single question was out of scope 🙂
      – Atleast you need to go through these question 3 times.I took 30-40 days(approx 1 hour daily) to cover this.

      Step – 6 – Book a date for theory exam from your driving school
      – Cost 75 EUR (Driving school)
      – Cost 21 EUR (Either Driving school will take this or you need to give directly in exam hall )

      – Total 30 question (20 Basic + 10 special)
      – Each question has certian points , so atleast you should not give wrong answer for more than 12 points to

      – Result was given at that point of time only .
      – Address Ridlerstrasse 57 , Munich

      Step – 7 – Start taking Driving practical sessions
      – I suggest to start taking practical session during your preparation for Theory as this will give you

      benefit to understand most of the rules & makes your theory prep. little bit easy.
      – apprx 39 per session ( 40-45 mins )
      – mostly 2 session are taken at 1 time by most of the driving school
      – If you know driving then you dont need to take some special session like driving in night , autobahns etc.

      Step – 8 – Book for Driving practical exam once you feel confident & trainer will tell you to do so
      – Cost 190 EUR (Driving school)
      – Cost 85 EUR (Govt Authority)

      After taking 16 sessions i have given practical exam but hard luck 🙁

      1st attempt exp.
      During the 45 minutes exam, I did one parking, few kms in Autobahn, city road, 30 zone ,one way street , U turn and Emergency

      I maintained allowed speed in all the regions. The most liked part in the exam is the silence and only the commands from your

      examiner so then you can focus on the signals and driving.
      My suggesstion would be take necessary practice hours and if possible few simulated exams.
      My mistake was i did a lane change without blinker & shoulder blick & this is reason they told me to try again 🙁
      You cannot affort a single mistake during the exam.

      After taking 2 more sessions i have give the test again in 2 weeks & cleared it 🙂

      This time they asked me some question regarding the Car like where is the Tyre M+S written & some questions regarding engine

      oil,water for mirrors…
      Driving part is almost same & luckily i passed this time.

      They have given me paper that i have cleared the exam & with that i went to KVR (Fuhrshein) again to collect the License.

      Here are some tips.

      1. Always Stop on the Stop sign for minimum 3 seconds! If there is a line, stop first before the line for 3 seconds, and then

      carefuly continue to the junction and stop there as well.

      2. Learn always to look first into the Innenspiegel then Außenspiegel. ALWAYS make the Schulterblick (over the shoulder look) when

      making turns.

      3. It’s good to know how to park in the reverse manually, but on the test you can also use the automatic parking help. If you park

      manually in reverse, keep the distance from car to the bank in about 20 cm, everything else is too wide.

      4. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, all the time!

      5. Beim Gefahrbremsemanöver, at the Prüfers command, press the both clutch and brake pedals so hard that you can touch the asphalt,

      the front wheels must be locked completely!

      6. Keep calm, and do everything slowly, think two times before every action!

      Here are some useful links :-


      Useful vocabulary for the driving test,if you dont know German.(Ref. http://www.fahrschule-christine-

      timmer.de/pdf_download/Mini_Glossary_2S.pdf )
      This helped me very much

      rechts – right
      links – left
      Kreuzung – junction / intersection
      Ampel – traffic light / signal
      Straße – street / road
      wenden – turn around
      rückwärts – revers
      einparken – to park
      Vorfahrtsstraße – priority road
      Spur/Fahrstreifen – lane
      geradeaus fahren – go straight ahead
      rechts abbiegen – turn right
      links abbiegen – turn left
      an der Kreuzung rechts – right at the junction
      an der Ampel rechts – left at the traffic light
      nächste Straße rechts – next street to the right
      rückwärts Einparken – parallel parking
      der Vorfahrtsstraße folgen – follow the priority
      Spur wechseln – change lane
      in der Spur bleiben – follow the lane
      Richtung Autobahn Lindau fahren – follow
      directions to “Autobahn Lindau”
      die Autobahn an der nächsten Ausfahrt
      verlassen – take the next exit

      Good luck!!!!

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