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      I got an offer in MNC Company and it is located in Darmstadt. I will be moving to Germany in Feb 2012.

      It would be helpful if someone could provide average cost of living or what should be the min gross salary required to survive there.

      Also, I would like to make some Indian friends.


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      Hi , Its good to know that You have got an offer from Deutsch MNC . I am here for a temporary employement in germany (1 year). I am bit far away from Darmstadt.But my place is similar to the city you are gonna stay. If u r single , You may have to spend 70 to 80 Euros max per week for your Food.I am just figuring it for 2 times self cooking per day. Because we Indians always love to live with ur Indian stuff.Rent would be the biggest Expense of your salary part. you can consider a minimum of 400 Euros, that means ur stay is not included by the borned company.So you can calculate yourself that the money needed to satisy the basic human needs per month. Additionaly the cost of your lavish means .



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      Hey,Nice to knwo youll be in Germany ,very soon I will be shifting to Germany too,I dont wanna get lonely there,So i want to knwo some good people out there before i can go there.I will be there also in 2012 jan, hope to knwo as many people there,specially Indians

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      Thanks for the info… Praveen ..:-)
      Hello Bebbo… it good to know that u are also moving to Germany in Jan 2012….
      If possible, we all can meet there…

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      my husband and I have been living in Darmstadt since 11 months.. nice to know that you are coming to the same place.. cost of living on the whole wouldn’t exceed 1100€ for a single person per month usually..keep in touch, if you are interested in meeting up once you are here, or need any other info.. we’d be pleased to meet you in Jan..

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      Thank you….. Sure i will keep in touch and I too pleased to meet you all there… 😀

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      Hi Vishnu,
      Even I have recently moved to Darmstadt for work. Around two weeks back. Still hunting for a home. Did you find a place already?
      Let me know if I can contact you. Surely, your recent experiences on moving here will help me. And, I would have a friend 🙂
      Hoping to see a reply from you.
      – Sudheer

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      Hi Sundeer,

      Actually I moved only on 1 mar.. But I found a room.. I have only little experience but sure I will help with what i know:)

      I will send a PM to where u can reach me.


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