German Citizenship

Requirements for Naturalization/Citizenship


Who legally and permanently living in Germany for eight years, under certain conditions, has a right to naturalization. Citizenship requirements basically are:

  • permanent right of residence at the time of naturalization,
  • Renounce their previous nationality,
  • Proof of knowledge of the legal and social order and living conditions in Germany (citizenship test),
  • independent assurance of livelihood,
  • oral and written German language skills of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages,
  • no conviction for a criminal offense,
  • Commitment to the free democratic basic order of the Basic Law.

The naturalization fee is 255 euros per person. For minors who are naturalized together with their parents, 51 euros to be paid.

In the citizenship requirements and the citizenship fees but there are exceptions for certain groups of people and facilities.

Citizenship Test


The options required for naturalization knowledge of the legal and social order and living conditions in Germany are usually demonstrated by the naturalization test. The test consists of 33 questions, of which 3 are country-related questions that can be answered only by the respective province. For each question, you have to select from four possible answers correct. If you answer at least 17 questions correctly, you have passed the test.

Take online Citizenship Test depend upon your State:

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